About Us

Early in 2017, a group of St Kilda locals with a passion for the arts created St Kilda Arts Community Incorporated.

The principal aim of the St Kilda Art Community is to galvanise the local arts community by establishing a conduit through an art crawl that connects local businesses and the community with creative expression, through organizing, coordinating and promoting year round events and initiatives that will engage patrons living within and visiting the area.

Melbourne has long been recognized as the “Arts Capital of Australia”, and St Kilda, a major tourist destination, has always played a major role in this recognition.

Art takes many forms and is created by people from many walks of life including painters, sculptures, musicians, actors, dancers, writers, film makers, architects, designers…. in fact everything we see, hear and feel has an artistic element within.

Our Committee

TIm Barnett

Tim Barnett is a veteran of the entertainment industry with deep roots in production and business domains. With over 35 years production and management experience in the industry, his entrepreneurial skills have seen the creation of successful businesses influencing many aspects of entertainment including film, television, new media, technology, advertising and marketing. Tim is a pioneer with a diverse ability for getting things done as the company’s visionary. Being a hands on personality, Tim has always maintained a big picture overview based on well placed long term strategies. He was founder and chief executive for two of the industries major production and facility companies, the COMCOPY Group and Central City Studios (now Docklands Studios Melbourne).


Violet Browne
Vice President

Violet Browne is Director of St Kilda Art Tours and ran her own marketing and PR business Viacom Marketing Services for 15 years. Violet has undertaken a number of contract marketing and consulting roles across a range of industries including PR campaigns for State and Federal Elections for Candidates. She has a strong background in Sales & Marketing and has worked in hospitality and tourism industries for over 25 years. Violet has been on the Board of the Bendigo Bank, was Secretary of the Yarraville Traders Association and managed two years of marketing for the Yarraville Festival. Violet started St Kilda Art Tours – curated tours of galleries and studios in St Kilda. As part of her desire to support local artists, she then became involved with the St Kilda Arts Community. 

Simon Barnett

Simon Barnett has worked in the film and television industry for more than 40 years commencing at Channel 7 Melbourne. Since then he has travelled through the film and television industry directing, writing and producing TVC‘s, television series/specials, documentaries, dramas, corporate video’s, network promotions, training and promotional projects. He has also developed and managed several production and event companies in Melbourne including a subsidiary of a public company developing new media. As a producer and scriptwriter, he has received recognition in Australia and overseas with a number of awards including the Mobius Award in New York.

Kate Drinnan
Committee Member

Creating is like breathing – or eating – to me. It’s part of my life-sustaining sustenance. Coupled with an insatiable appetite for learning and fascination with human nature, my creativity has seen me explore many mediums, subjects and techniques over the years most of which play a cameo role at some point in my textile and fibre pieces. Living in Bayside Melbourne for over ten years, I find myself constantly fascinated by the ever-evolving play between the urban environment and nature – harmonious, violent, symbiotic, at odds, beautiful, ugly, breathy and cramped – sometimes all at once. My current exploration, “Shorelines”, is an expression of that beautiful space where different elements meet each other and interact; where they meet and create a whole new form together. 

Victor Holder
Committee Member

Victor Holder is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on inspiring environmental and social awareness for the community. Victor has extensive experience in producing interactive installations public art , animations, sculptures and large painted works. His work has taken him from his native Venezuela to projects in Europe, Cambodia, Malaysia, Central America, USA and Melbourne, his home of fifteen years. He has worked with the World Wildlife Organization, Discovery Channel, City of Port Phillip, City of Melbourne, Melbourne Zoo, RMIT and Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Adrian Spurr
Committee Member

Adrian Spurr has worked as an artist and educator in both Europe and Australia. Until the end of 2017 Adrian had been, for twelve years, the Head of Arts, Performing Arts and Technology at a Government Secondary College in S.E Melbourne. Adrian is a Sculptor and Master Printmaker. He has won numerous awards as an artist including the Toorak Sculpture Prize in 2012. He is currently a member (and the Artist’s representative) of the Shakespeare Grove Art Studios in St Kilda. Adrian is also a founding member of Sunshine Print Artspace in West Melbourne, a not for profit open access print studio for emerging and professional artists. 


Past Committee Members

Doug Hartmann

Doug Hartmann is a serial entrepreneur with an obsessive passion for making an impact in turning negative challenges into positive business outcomes that produce positive change in individuals, communities and the environment. A tactical relationship builder, Doug is hard-wired to see big picture possibilities and mutual benefit bringing together the right people at the right time. He lives and breaths ideas, change and how to strategically use resources. Doug is passionate about creating a world that makes the most of every resource applying entrepreneurial thinking and lean methodology to achieve more with less over a 25 year professional journey including co-working, sharing economy and social enterprise. Currently Doug is CEO of Organic Bio-Power, Founder Blank Canvas Co-working and Vice President of Brunswick Tool Library.


Pietro (Colonel) Iodice

Pietro's world was destined to escalate into a colourful cascade of never-ending adventures and self-discoveries. Pietro can speak 3 languages, has a natural connection with people, a passion for adventure along with a respect and appreciation for diversity. His experience includes; 4 years as management and trouble-shooter with a multi-national company, 2 years as a youth counsellor, 9 years as a Cabaret/Burlesque performer, 4 years travelling o/s, 2 years with Melbourne tourism and 13 years as a local St Kilda business owner creating, producing and hosting over 2500 events. Thrown in amongst the years, he has also consulted and held cameo roles on Film/TV projects such a The Extra, Strange Bedfellows, Trojan Warrior, Matrix 2 & 3, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Ghost Rider, The Knowing, The Dream Children, Secret Life Of Us, Marshal Law, Satisfaction, Underbelly and many more. Other credits Executive Producer on the feature 'submerge'.


Christine Ritter
Committee Member

Christine Ritter has a strong passion for community arts and cultural development and has been involved in arts management for many years. With a background in Small Business Management, a flair for marketing and an aptitude for finances Christine has worked for a number of NFP Arts organisation. Over the years Christine has participated and performed in a variety of community arts projects and has provided management support to numerous performance and visual arts projects, workshop programs, as well as presenting touring performances. She currently works as Operations Manager at Westside Circus and Finance Administrator at Theatre Works in St Kilda.


Drasko Boljevic
Committee Member

Drasko Boljevic is an urban artist living in Melbourne, Australia. He began his career in Zagreb at the Academy of Fine Art. Since his arrival in Australia in the early 90’s, he has completed a VCA Fine Arts degree majoring in Sculpture (1997), a Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Arts (painting) in 2011 and a Masters in Contemporary Art (2012) and he has been dedicated to exploring different techniques in his endeavour to produce exciting and vibrant works. Drasko’s artistic involvement expanded to the co-ownership of Azibi Gallery, St Kilda, an art space for non-established artist (1997-2001). His aspirations also have seen his work extended to theatre, as set designer and props and puppet maker for several theatre companies, including the Institute of Pataphysical Studies, More than Opera, and Malthouse Theatre. 


Tobias Sherson
Committee Member

Tobias Sherson’s involvement in the arts started at the tender age of 8 when he was first introduced to the magic of live theatre. He spent his formative years training and working as an actor in London where his love for live performance and sharing of language came to the fore. Since returning to his beloved Australia. Tobias has been involved with setting up two theatre companies one of which was solely created to be a platform for new writers and actors to share their works with a wider audience. People are Tobia’s passion and he is inspired to help people find their voice and share their views on the world through art.